Musical Mayhem

Welcome to the Tune Archive, where many brave people fear to tread. Dunno what they're worried about, really. Okay, so some tunes can really get to you (the dreaded "Dih-dih-dih-dih-dih diddle-ih-dih" for example), but I've only selected the creme de la creme here.

Sorry fans of the Oh No! music - I haven't got that. But hey, if you can find it somewhere on the Internet, I'll put them here for the rest of the world to enjoy - or grimace at...

Note: This page has no background music because it would sound a bit odd, having one song then another starting. There's now a separate page for Lemmings Paintball Music. If that's more your game, click this.

To hear these tunes, it helps if you've got something to hear them with. Windows Media Player, for example.

The Lem-Can (8KB)
A subtle adaptation of the famous French dancing tune. As heard on the Introduction page.
Lemdon Bridge is Falling Down (9KB)
Send in the Bridge Builder lemmings! As heard on the Oh No! More Lemmings! pages.
Ten Green (haired) Lemmings (6KB)
And if one green-haired lemming should accidentally fall... he'll go SPLATT! As heard on the Before You Begin Page.
Comin' round the Lemmin' (10KB)
If it's a blocker lemming, she'll be there all day... As heard on the Skills Tips Page.
Lemmy Face (14KB)
Start's like "Baby Face", but thren it goes "dunun-dun, dunun-dun, dunun-dundun, d-dunun-dun..." As heard on the Credits Page.
Turkish Lemdo (15KB)
I've heard that Mozart's spinning in his grave at 5000 rpm... As heard on the PLP News page.
Famous (if Unnamed) Tune No. 1 (9KB)
Dow dow d-dow n-now, dow dow d-daddly-dow, dow dow d-dow n-now now... Probably actually the most famous Lemmings tune (it's the one everyone seems to think of as the "classic" Lemmings tune). As heard on the Original Lemmings pages.
Famous (if Unnamed) Tune No. 2 (23KB)
Dee, dee dee, diddydiddydee deh dee dee... As heard on the Luvly Links page.
Famous (if Unnamed) Tune No. 3 (16KB)
Diddly dee dih-dy, dee-dee-dee-dee dee-dee diddly. Diddly dee d-dih-dee, dee-dee-dee-dee dee-dee diddly... As heard on the main page.
Famous (if Unnamed) Tune No. 4 (9KB)
Dee, deedee, deedeedee, dee, deedee, deedeedee, dee, deedee, deedeedee... As heard on the Comments Page.
Not so famous but still pretty good Tune No. 1 (10KB)
Dee, dee, dee. Diddy dee, dee, dee... As heard on the Lemmings Laughs page.
Not so famous but still pretty good Tune No. 2 (9KB)
Diddliddle dee, diddliddliddle id, dih dih diddy... Well, you have to hear it to properly - well - hear it. As heard on the E-Mail Me page.
Not so famous but still pretty good Tune No. 3 (18KB)
Deedeedee, dee-dih dih-dee-dih-dee-dih deedeedee.... As heard on the Level Ideas page.
The Lemmings Medley (127KB)
Reinstrumented with nicer sounding instruments, and compiled together, the all-time favourite Lemmings Tunes compiled into one handy 12-minute MIDI file! The songs flow into each other to create a nice change of sound. Order of play: F(IU)#1 (00:00), F(IU)#2 (00:56),
F(IU)#4 (02:23), NSF#1 (03:22), NSF#3 (04:08), NSF#2 (05:01), Turkish Lemdo (06:08), Ten Green Lemmings (07:01), F(IU)#3 (07:52), Lemmy Face (08:56), Lemdon Bridge (09:37), and finally F(IU)#1 (10:34) again, sounding a bit like Pachabel's Canon (although anything does if you listen for long enough...). Sorry for fans of the LemCan and Comin' Round The Lemmin' - they didn't make the compilation...
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